Who’s Sexier, Republicans or Democrats?

As the presidential election approaches, I think it’s important to get our priorities straight:  Who will represent (American Sexy) for the next four years?

First, a little history lesson.  Remember philosopher George Santayana:  “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

So which of these would we rather repeat?

 √ Sexy
√ VERY Sexy
√ Creepy
√ VERY Creepy

√ Sexy
√  Wicked Smart
(therefore Sexy)
√  Won the Nobel Peace Prize
(unbelievably Sexy)
√ Bland
√  Boring
√  Snore
√  Seemed black and white
even when in color

 √ Requires no comment √ Ditto            .

And if that little walk down memory lane hasn’t explained it to you, let’s move on to the present:

√ Sexy
√  Wicked Smart
(therefore Sexy)
√  Won the Nobel Peace Prize
(unbelievably Sexy)
√  Sings Al Green
√ Beady eyes
√  Fake smile
√  Sneering at us
√  Liarliarliar
√  Will take from the poor to feed…him
√  Will take away a woman’s right to choose
(Unsexy and Creepy at the same time)

OK, so I’ve had a little fun playing with pictures and some of the qualities that I think make a President (and a man) sexy, like intelligence and humanitarianism.  But a serious undecided voter might ask, what is the fundamental difference between our current candidates?   I’d like to answer that question in the way one of my professors (in graduate school at UCLA) answered it.

The fundamental difference between them is the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats – at least in their current incarnations.  Republicans believe that the United States is a country of opportunity; that if people work hard, they can achieve the American Dream; and that the government is responsible for security and foreign policy and bears little responsibility for assisting its citizens at the personal level.  Sounds reasonable, right?  Well, it might be if not for one teensy problem:  The Republican belief system presumes that we’re all playing on a level field, that we all start at 0 (or whatever number you want to assign) and have equal opportunity to achieve 50 or 100 or 1,000,000 or more.

Democrats do not believe the above to be true.  Instead, they observe that some citizens start off already behind the others – because they’ve been born into poverty instead of wealth; because they’re the ‘wrong’ sex (women); or because they’re the ‘wrong’ color (anything but white).  Far from starting at 0 on a level playing field, they’re already in the negative numbers in terms of opportunity.  Add to that the glass ceilings of racism and sex discrimination, and most will never catch up.

Therefore, Democrats believe that, while the government IS responsible for national security (“life”), and IS responsible for foreign policy (“liberty”), it also bears an equal responsibility for the social and economic well-being of its citizens (“pursuit of happiness.”)  Their platforms demonstrate a core value that people who start off at a disadvantage deserve a hand (not to be confused with a hand-out) from those who are better off.  And unfortunately, since many who are better off will not offer that hand, there are times when the government needs to make sure that it happens.

The bottom line (to me):  Democrats are kinder.  And I find that to be very, very sexy.

Here is a true man in the making, secure enough in himself to share.  In my book in progress, Licking the Spoon, about health and well-being as well as food, sex and relationships, I discuss the qualities that women and men find most sexy, and the difference between confidence and arrogance.

38 thoughts on “Who’s Sexier, Republicans or Democrats?

  1. love the photos and comments beneath. laughed out loud (genuinely laugh, genuinely out loud). but especially like the final photo of the man in the making.

  2. I am a full hearted Democrat who have worked with State Senates and U.S Representatives and I think that , whether Republican or Democrat, we are all sexy. Why need to label ourselves as being different from each other while what we need most right now is to put differences aside and seek common grounds. The Republicans and Democrats may hold different political prospective but one thing I am positive is that, despite partisan difference, all want the best for the United States’s future. Different paths can still lead to the same ending.

    • I’m afraid you’re more forgiving than I, Gary! I’ve just seen too much evidence of Republicans supporting the upper class at the expense of the lower and middle classes. And when people are not upper class but support Republican values, it seems to be either because they support the conservative religious right turn the party has taken, or because they think voting Republican will allow them to move up the class structore (it won’t). I do appreciate your open-mindedness, though! Kudos to you for your work in politics!

    • Interesting article! I’d never thought about it before. I certainly agree with the author that even some conventionally “pretty” women (or people for that matter) become ugly when the unkindness in their hearts is revealed.

  3. This article is so awesome to read. I really love how you used √ Sexy √ Wicked Smart
    (therefore Sexy)√ Won the Nobel Peace Prize(unbelievably Sexy)√ Sings Al Green
    (OFF THE CHARTS SEXY!!!) to Obama in your article. Especially the OFF THE CHARTS SEXY!!!. However, i dont think either of them were sexy :), because the only reason i vote for Obama was because he is Christian which he rarely goes to church anymore. To much golf game for him.

  4. Very well put! Many people do not realize that the un-level playing field exists because they have not and probably will never experience it.

  5. I completely agree with you that Democrats are a lot sexier than Republicans. LOL. And is it wrong to want to sleep with the President of the United States because he’s black AND powerful? 😉

  6. Interesting article! Although I don’t find Democrats are sexier, I do find intelligent, loving and giving men very sexy. I am looking forward to reading your new book. I will buy one for sure.

  7. I love, Love, LOVE the way the differences between Republicans and Democrats were put into words. I have always had a hard time really understanding it, and this just really opened my eyes. Plus, Obama really is the best, funniest, handsomest, and most down to earth president in history. Love him!

    • That same lightbulb went on for me when my professor broke it down. I too have a tremendous respect for President Obama. And yes he’s handsome! But I love it that he seems so devoted to his wife and family.

    • That bias shows how media can be used to put forth an idea that someone wants! But I do think the main point about kindness is an important difference. I wouldn’t have thought about it either if a professor hadn’t spelled it out.

  8. I agree 100% I believe that democrats do try to help the citizens more than the republicans. But I cannot decide who i’ll vote for based off their “sexiness”. We should hear both sides of the argument and see who would come to a better conclusion for how to help our country…
    But that’s just me. And i didn’t realize that most of the “sexier” presidents were democrat. lol Just a bonus I guess.

  9. I think this caught my eye the most because it talks about politics and I have always said “I hate politics” but with this post it made me actually have to think. I thought about past presidents and reflected on times when I was in history class, and I can honestly say I did have moments where I was like “Eww that dude was really ugly, and sounds like a jerk haha”. I’m not one to be into politics but I will say if it were based solely on looks I’m pretty sure I’d probably be more interested lol It’s true that a facial expression can mean anything and a persons vibe can always make you feel or think differently about that person. If they do come off as fake and not enthusiastic about helping the people and only themselves, then that’s completely being fake with the public, well at least in my opinion. I thought this article was catchy and I loved the comparisons with each president. It’s very true, you can kill with kindness, and it sure can go a long way in most peoples eyes.

  10. Opportunity should be available to all whether or not born into poverty. It is true that many are born into disadvantages automatically and it is difficult to overcome those disadvantages, especially considering that there are others in society who believe that equality begins upon their birth into this world. It is naive to believe that everyone starts at a “level playing field” and to assume that these circumstances are within everyones grasp is absurd. The problem with these two ideologies is that arguments arise in deciding who is right and who is wrong resulting in an endless competition deciding which party has the utmost power regardless of what is morally right. The path to equality is never clear.

  11. That is something interesting and really funny because I don’t usually think about the appearance of the president .By comparing the current and the past members we can see the similarities of each and it hold some truth to it in a funny way as well.

  12. BERNIE SANDERS IS THE SEXIEST MAN THIS ELECTION (at least in terms of what he intends to do for this country). Then there’s FrankenTrump, the poster boy of Republican hatred, and sleepy, sleepy Mr. Carson who has a miraculous connection with heaven’s tutoring services (seriously, who believes his story that he got a 97 on his Chem. test in college because an angel came into his dreams and gave him one answer after another?!?!). The part that is even more maddening: how in the world are these two leading in the Republican polls? It really just blows me away how the Republican base will fall for their fear-mongering tactics and their apparent displays of “strength” (I don’t really consider bullying debate mediators and complaining about the debate length and content to be a strength). I swear, the people that support people like Carson, Trump, and Cruz are some of the most un-American Americans. They look at the Statue of Liberty beckoning towards the world to give America the tired, the poor, and the wretched refuse, and basically go “Pssh! Screw that!”. God, let Bernie Sanders win. If not, at least Hillary (at least we’ll also get our First Dude). But not O’Malley, not him. He’s a little creepy too.

  13. Donald Trump pretty much guarantees that Republicans have no chance in being sexier than democrats. FEEL THE BERN.

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