69 Ways To Lick the Spoon in 2013

Licking the Spoon is the title of my book in progress about food, sex and relationship.  It’s also my metaphor for living life with gusto…But does living life with gusto mean that one has to jump out of an airplane or juggle six lovers at a time?  Not to me!For me, it’s about finding balance between caring for others and caring for myself.  It also means trying to reject ideas and behaviors that hold me back from feeling good about myself.  Here are just a few ideas.  Feel free to add to the list with some of your own!

  1. Think about what’s really important to you in life.
  2. Spend more time doing #1.
  3. Think about who’s really important in your life.
  4. Spend more time hanging out with #3.
  5. Try to avoid as many things as possible that are not in #’s 1-4.
  6. Buy a good wine just for yourself.
  7. Have a glass of wine in front of a fire.
  8. Read a guilty pleasure book or a piece of fine literature in front of a fire.
  9. Relax and daydream in front of a fire.
  10. Take a walk in a pretty place.
  11. Go for a run in a pretty place.
  12. Ride a bike in a pretty place.
  13. Lift some weights and feel your strong muscles afterward.
  14. Do some crunches and feel your tight abs afterward.
  15. Do some lunges and feel your firm butt afterward.
  16. Sit and stretch in every way you can and then feel how loose and tall you feel afterward.
  17. Think about whether you get enough exercise on a daily basis and how you could find more time for exercise.
  18. Put on some soft music and hum along.
  19. Put on some loud music and sing out from your heart.
  20. Dance sensuously while you hum or energetically while you sing.
  21. Go to the grocery store and feel grateful for the bounty that is available to you.
  22. Pick out some of your favorite, most colorful fruits and vegetables.
  23. Cook a yummy healthy recipe for yourself.
  24. Serve yourself with a place setting and candles.
  25. Vow to eat fewer meals in front of the TV or computer.
  26. Vow to get rid of some of the junk in your cupboard and replace it with healthier choices.
  27. Throw out at least one junk food that is in your cupboard right now.
  28. Think about how you spent your holidays last year, and whether that is the way you want to spend your holidays this year.
  29. Think about what you could do throughout the year to add joy to your life.
  30. Consider learning a musical instrument, or going back to one you once knew.
  31. Consider taking a dance class, private dance lessons or just going out to some dance clubs.
  32. Think about growing a garden, large or small.
  33. Think about getting a pet, or spending more time with the pet(s) you have.
  34. Consider trying out a new gym or a new sport.
  35. Consider visiting a book club or a support group.
  36. Think about a group that could really use your help.
  37. Consider doing volunteer work with that group.
  38. Consider whether you are practicing your spirituality in the way you choose, and if not, vow to take a step in the direction that would please you most.
  39. Take a look at your finances and identify one way you could waste less money.
  40. Take back one thing you bought and don’t really need.
  41. Go through your closets and find unused items that you could donate to someone else.
  42. Identify something valuable you could give to someone you love that doesn’t involve spending money.
  43. Write a story, poem, letter, song or journal entry.
  44. Share your writing with someone.
  45. Forgive someone who’s hurt your feelings.
  46. Ask for forgiveness from someone whose feelings you hurt.
  47. Spend quality time with your child.
  48. Spend quality time with someone else’s child.
  49. Spend quality time with a child who doesn’t have someone else.
  50. Honor your body in as many ways as you can.
  51. Soak in a bubble bath (yes, even you guys).
  52. Rub lotion all over your skin (yes, even you guys).
  53. Get a mani-pedi, or mani-pedi yourself, and then admire your smooth, shiny nails.
  54. Buy yourself a piece of fine bedding.
  55. Snuggle in bed with your lover.
  56. Snuggle in bed with your pet.
  57. Snuggle in bed with yourself.
  58. Run your hands all over your body.
  59. Feel how soft your pubic hair is, or how curly your pubic hair is, or how smooth your pubic area is after you shave or wax.
  60. Feel the natural wetness of your vaginal lubrication or pre-cum.
  61. Smell or taste your sexual fluids.
  62. Vow to resist feeling squeamish about your sexual fluids, or celebrate the freedom of mind if you don’t feel squeamish now.
  63. Play with a favorite sex toy, or vow that you will at least visit a sex toy store.
  64. Think about your lover, or vow that you will do something new to try to find a lover.
  65. Think about what you will do with your lover the next time you see her/him, or what you would do with a new lover.­­­­­­­
  66. Masturbate, and call it a nicer-sounding word than masturbate.
  67. Feel the power of your orgasm, or the sweet longing if you don’t orgasm.
  68. Think about whether you find enough time to pleasure your body, and whether busyness, guilt or shame play a role in not finding enough time.
  69. Vow to find enough time to pleasure your body, or to banish guilt and shame.

bubble bath



76 thoughts on “69 Ways To Lick the Spoon in 2013

  1. No guilt , no shame and plenty of time. Great list of 69 things to do, I would just have to change one to traveling someplace you always wanted to go.

  2. LOL I really enjoyed these kinds of practices. Although I’ve had practiced some I want to practice some new ones that I read! Very good practices!

  3. Great list! One question though, is your list of 69 ways to live by an implication to sex just from the very idea of having 69 of them? Haha

  4. I absolutely enjoyed reading this list. I’ve been meaning to find changes and something to spice up my life, especially because I’m in my early 20’s I feel that this list is just a perfect way to live life while enjoying it. 🙂

  5. I like how the article starts family friendly and then ends on all the good stuff. All these sound like fun and I could not help myself to do some on the list while I was reading the list. I did not realize how good it felt to hum a song and move with it. I am surprised how good it felt.

  6. Are you aware that there’s another book out by that name? I had trouble finding this blog when I googled that!

    • Yes, I am aware. I chose this title for my book and blog before that book came out. I may have to change the book title in order to get it published, but then again, there are many books that share titles. We’ll see. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Lovin’ this list. Though I am not of legal age to indulge in some of these activities, I will be glad to engage in them once I hit 21. Really considering copying and pasting this list for day-to-day reminder. Loved that 1-5 piggy-backed each other. Because you really just have to emphasize the important things in life(:

  8. This is a great suggestion of what I would definately do, but I would also like to experience a Rush Aswell, Skydiving!!!!

  9. I love this list and the message you are sending ( although I think sky diving would be fun) It is so important to take time for yourself and the important people in your life. It can be very hard but you are right balance is everything. Keep doing what you are doing and inspiring others!

  10. When I started my first serious relationship with a very cute boy, I tend to pay lots of attention about how he feels, and even try to please him by changing myself into another person. It was an unsuccessful and unpleasant experience. Later, I came to realize that I should focus on what makes myself feel good and enjoy the moments of true happiness in a relationship.

  11. In Tagalog, gusto means “like.” And if I would live life just the way I like it, I think I would always be happy. 🙂 I think I have to work on #50, but I’ll print this list out and try to do all of them.

  12. After reading this article I feel inspired to go change my entire lifestyle, I feel as if people don’t do things for themselves as much anymore due to technology and “being busy” all the time. We have to respect ourselves as well as everyone around us and like it was said “Think about who’s really important in your life” maybe it’s your family or if you’re single maybe just yourself but I believe the first step is finding the time to do so.

  13. This really is a unique list! I actually want to try some of these things but I do want to add to the list. I would love to add go to a park and read a book under a tree or have a picnic or both. Perhaps once in a while indulging in some sort of food that makes you happy such as chocolate or another candy. 🙂

  14. This is a great list and sounds like the dream life. opened my eyes and later I am going to give serious thought and put a list together and work on finding true happiness instead of pleasing others and stressing about their problems all the time. its draining. Thanks 🙂

  15. that is a very long list. some are pretty hilarious but i enjoyed reading this hahaha. thanks for this! might have to try some hahaha

  16. This is such a great list! I love how simple it is, I will definitely try these out ! They are also really good suggestions for a happy life.

  17. It’s going to be hard to do 45 (forgive someone who has hurt you), but doable given time and some thought process. However, 46 (ask someone that you have hurt to forgive you) is going to take courage. What if the person decides to not forgive you? Finally, 61 (smell or taste your sexual fluid) is going to take more than courage for me! Maybe I’ll understand that when I am a little older.

  18. I remember you talking about the title of your book on my introduction post when our course first started. I was very intrigued as to why you chose this title! It is very interesting and it definitely grabs the reader’s attention as to knowing what the book will contain.
    Now that I have read the metaphor you compare it to, it definitely makes sense!
    Your list definitely made me reevaluate life and now I realize even more than enjoying life isn’t about jumping off of an airplane. It definitely is more about that balance between doing what you love and caring for those that are involved. I liked how this list went in order and flowed in a way such that for example, 54: Boy yourself a piece of fine bedding, was needed for 55-57 because once you bought this, you would feel much better when you snuggled in bed.

  19. Looking through your list. I noticed that I started to do # 17. I found time to start exercising. I have lost already 30 pounds and I want to lose 10 more, but with the busy schedule of school I have a hard time to lose those ten. Losing those 30 pounds has helped me like my body more. I feel like I am happier with the body I have now than I did before.

  20. It has been really hard for me to balance everything in my life and still have some time for myself and actually find who I am. Your post really gives me insight on what I should focus on to be happy. Having to work and go to school really puts a damper on my social life. I have to learn how to keep my boyfriend and family happy by not working too much and really telling myself that I “Work to live, not live to work.” I have so many goals I would like to reach, so this summer I’m taking a break and focusing on my family and boyfriend instead of just work work work. Besides when I die, that money isn’t going with me, just memories. Thank you for the refreshing list.

  21. These ways/things are some of the most simplest tasks yet we somehow forget or neglect to do them more often. I like #7 through #9 and everything else before and after.

  22. I should definitely hope to start doing some of these ways. I need to start going to a gymn for sure and finding a way to spend less money and is it more widely would be very helpful as well. I like this list, it’s almost a bucket/to do list of sorts.

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