Is It Unsanitary to Cook in the Nude?

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The article about naked vegan cooking was short and a little cheesy, but informative enough, I thought.  Until I noticed something more sinister eyeing me from between the baba ghanouj and sweet corn fritters…


But let me back up.  A few months ago, my writing mentor, author and naturist Susan Tweit, sent me a link to an online food article.  She knows I blog about Licking the Spoon, my book in progress about food, sex, and relationship, and she thought I might find the article interesting.  And I did, for a couple of reasons.

The article is about another blog that originates in the UK.  Some college students share a big house in Manchester, where apparently they live, have lovers and cook together.  (Hopefully they study, too.)  But doesn’t it sound fun?  I’ve been to Manchester.  It’s so … English.  And I don’t mean the King’s English, but that of the common blokes, people who ride double-decker buses and go to pubs and visit the loo.  I was then a college student myself and went to see my boyfriend who was studying abroad for a year. I remember hitch-hiking (in the rain, of course) to stay with his friend and friend’s girl at the friend’s parents.  And I thought it quaint how they had the two boys stay downstairs in sleeping bags while the two girls shared a bed upstairs.  Like they actually thought we weren’t shagging!  (But here a moment of respectful silence for this dilemma faced by many parents.)

Tripping down memory lane made me think about the bloggers’ house, whether it was a charming old brick row home like that of my hosts.  I wondered if they leave the windows open even in the dead of winter like my host parents did (the deep bathtub being the only place I was able to warm up in three days.)   But perhaps most important to a group of chefs would be the kitchen.  I had been shocked to find that my host mom worked from a tiny refrigerator about the size of the one I had in my dorm room.  She said the kitchen stayed chilly enough to keep food from spoiling.  (And no wonder, what with all those open windows.)  I noticed that they ate a lot of root vegetables.  But vegans are big on fresh.  So I pondered whether the bloggers have moved on up to the honkin’ size fridge that is standard in North America.

Well, the point of the article was not British sensibilities, veganism, or even the food itself.  The point was how the bloggers cook in the NUDE.  The part I found corny was the intro, asking whether the reader feels the need to take off her top while forming a soyrizo loaf, or eat his veggie lasagna without socks on.  I mean, come on.  It’s obvious the author doesn’t understand nudism.  How is it nudism for a guy to eat without his socks on?  And a nudist doesn’t just fling off her top mid-loaf, as if having a whim or a seizure; she probably went into the kitchen naked to start with.

OK, so the author might be naïve and a tad snarky.  But now to the sinister part.  This is where she asks whether it’s just her, or is cooking naked not only dangerous but “unsanitary.”  She goes on to point out that frying in the nude might cause a burn – well, I have no quibble about this, since I myself once sported a little brown crescent moon for about three years (the exact size and shape of ½ piece of Japanese eggplant).  No, it’s the word “unsanitary” that leapt out and began strangling me!  Aarrgghhh!!!  How can cooking naked be unsanitary?  As long as you don’t scratch your ass with the spoon! And if you’re inclined to scratch your ass with the spoon, then I don’t want to eat your food anyway.

silver spoon

I know, this may seem picayune, even petty, on my part.  But its very subtlety – how easily it infiltrates our language, which then muddies our consciousness – also makes it insidious.  It’s an example of the sex-phobia that has much of our populace in its grip.  An assumption that anything having to do with nudity, much less sexuality, is automatically unsanitary, unclean, unholy, ungodly – whatever “un” that a nervous person might want to ascribe to it.  It doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not.  It’s a knee-jerk reaction. Like a racist who’s ‘concerned’ about ‘the children’ of a mixed marriage.  Or a sexist ‘worrying’ that a woman’s use of contraception might ‘condemn her to hell.’

Veganism isn’t the norm, but it’s a choice.  Nudism isn’t common either, but it’s a choice.  And unfortunately, so is being snarky and squirmy about bodies and sex and hygiene –  instead of educating oneself about what’s real and true.

NakedVeganCooking says that their site promotes positive body image and healthy food. Maybe I’m wistful because I spent too many years in the dorm, eating cafeteria grub and wearing flip-flops in the shower in case someone left a fungus. But I like thinking about their comfy house in Manchester:  Big old second-hand furniture covered in books, recipes, art, and plants.  Mismatched china, Indian tablecloths, bright bowls of fresh fruit, and something delicious simmering on the stove.  Friendship, flirtation, love, laughter, music, late night arguments about Ayn Rand, and maybe a few cats.  And yeah, most likely some humanly imperfect breasts and tummies and thighs draping and dancing about.  I may not choose to live that way, but it sounds like a rich life.  But that’s me.  Why don’t you check it out and decide for yourself?

naked vegan cooking - rich life

 In Licking the Spoon, I talk about how to create your own rich life in food, sex and relationship.

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105 thoughts on “Is It Unsanitary to Cook in the Nude?

  1. The human race have lived and survived for millions of years cooking naked. Although cooking with clothes on, which can be seen as a standard for being civilized, have been around for thousands of years and have been identified as the norm, it was wrong of her to deem it unsanitary to cook food without clothing. How would the author define sanitary? According to the FDA, safe and sanitary, is having less then 30-40 insect eggs per once of manufactured tomato sauce which from my opinion does not sound any better one making his own tomato sauce at home naked.

  2. Yes we are all offered choices and apparently these people chose to cook in the nude but who are we to judge that is why there are a lot of people in disagreements. I believe that if you do not feel comfortable eating something you shouldn’t but It is not unsanitary to cook in the nude unless like you stated they are doing things with the materials they are using to cook with.

  3. Completely agree with the author being unsophisticated in his/her usage of being “unsanitary” when it comes to being nude while cooking. As long as your not scratching your pubes and putting them on your freshly served pizza like the movie “She’s All That”, then I think its safe to say we can handle our innate germs.

  4. What is “unsanitary” in this world? I would say probably many many things, but who are we to say. This article caught my eye. maybe because it said “naked”, or perhaps because it said “cooking.” Clothes at one point was something of a need and from then on it has been that way ever since. i mean look at our underwear or lingerie this world now has compared to then. I think it is only fair and normal if some cook naked these days. is it unsanitary? could be, but we expose ourselves already, even with clothes on, to many unsanitary things in this world. i leave it at that. great blog by the way.

  5. It is certainly not unsanitary to cook without clothes on. Sometimes it gets hot in the kitchen and you have to take off some layers, that doesn’t make it unsanitary. Unless of course you have some type of skin disease that makes your skin flake, but that is a whole other situation. And yes, cooking can be dangerous in general but no more dangerous doing it with your clothes off.

  6. I think eating at a McDonald’s has to be just as unsanitary than cooking at home in the nude (how scary that must be). I think that cooking in the nude isn’t and shouldn’t be deemed unsanitary as long as the person preparing the food follows the proper safe and sanitary procedures like washing their hands.

  7. I really don’t think there should be any problems with cooking in the nude as long as you are sanitary in the process and not sticking things were they shouldn’t be stuck (unless that kinda thing tickles your fancy haha). There are worse situations and activities that could be done clothed, let alone nude and its not like we know how sanitary the food we eat at restaurants and fast food places are anyway since they’re usually prepared behind closed doors in the kitchen. The only real downside to cooking nude is probably the chance of getting burned while frying things as you talked about in your post, but aside from that, why not do what you feel like doing the way you want to do it? If everyone lived a cookie-cut out kinda life, we wouldn’t be able to have interesting and new experiences with different people because we’d just be living the same boring lives. So there’s nothing wrong with trying to make life a little fun by trying new things, whether its cooking nude or trying some sort of adventurous activity.

  8. I don’t think cooking in the nude is wrong because the food tastes better when people are comfortable and happy when they cook 😀

  9. I do think cooking Is It Unsanitary to Cook in the Nude as long the cooker take shower before and after the cook, but i do think it is little danger to do that especially the oil spill. IT IS REALLY HOT!!! 🙂

  10. I never really thought of cooking in the nude! Never thought about it being unsanitary either because I will be the only one eating the food I made…

  11. I seriously have to laugh at some of the things you say, its hilarious “scratch your ass with the spoon” haha, so funny I love it! But cooking in the nude is definitely not “unsanitary” its actually quite comfortable 🙂

  12. As long as you’re not picking or scratching your nether regions during cooking/preparing food. Also, be careful when cooking bacon. That hot oil popping hurts D:

  13. I love the people’s comments and very true at some point. I think you should be clean before you cook and after you cook. Good article

  14. I think it is a freedom of choice just like anything else, if we can sleep in the nude, what’s the difference cooking in it!!

  15. I could not help but venture off into the Naked Vegan Cooking blog and for promoting such a positive and healthy cause they are given such grief. Its sad in fact, even getting negative comments from fellow vegans, but surprisingly nothing on the nude aspect. Which makes the author, mentioned in this post, commenting about the sanitary aspect really odd. Just goes to show how on the internet everything offends.

  16. I think it would be fun and sexy to cook naked especially with a partner! maybe ill give it a shot!

  17. totally have cooked in the nude when at home by myself and doing a load of laundry.. and yeah lol im not “scratching my ass with a spoon” either but when something spills on me its really easy to clean up 😉

  18. I agree completely. “As long as you don’t scratch your ass with the spoon”, it should not matter! And if you do cook naked, you should at least wear an apron.

  19. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with being a nudist, cooking in the nude, or being a vegan! I think what those college students are doing is pretty cool and interesting. I would definitely like to learn more about nudists and the Naked Vegan Cooking blog.

  20. I believe it’s not unsanitary to cook in the nude after reading this article. I am also interested in talking to someone who has done so, must have been fun haha. I believe this is something to experience not now, but in the future.

  21. Funny article! But why would cooking in the nude be unsanitary? Like you said, as long as you don’t scratch your butt with a spoon, you’re good.

  22. Cooking in the nude is definitely not unsanitary. Some people are super sensitive and so quick to judge others. I for one hate clothes. I buy em to look good but when i get a chance I’m out of them asap lol. Its all about comfort and a choice. For me I am comfortable being naked around some people and not so much with others. I vote cook naked whenever you want. Just don’t burn yourself 😉 If you cook breakfast in the nude it leads to some great morning sex and a perfect way to start the day haha. I love your humor. I laughed so hard at the scratching your ass with a spoon part. I guess you only do that when cooking for someone you don’t like lol jk

  23. when i get my own place either by myself or with my significant other im gunna be doing everything naked haha including cooking. i dont see any problem with it , aslong as im in my own house xP

  24. Besides sanitary or not, I think cooking naked can be used as a way to keep the relationship alive! a different experience that can bring excitement to a couple! i would totally do it!!!

  25. I don’t get how cooking naked would be any less ‘sanitary’ than cooking with sweaty dirty old clothes on…
    ALSO, if I wanna take my pants off at the end of the day and make myself a sandwich in my own home, what’s it to you?

  26. I don’t think cooking naked is unsanitary! As long as you don’t dip your body into whatever you are cooking, I think you are in the clear! I love your posts–always very entertaining!! Great post!


  27. The pervasive (and wrong) impression that there is something “dirty” about the nude human body seems to creep up in all manners of life. Thanks for this eye-opening article, I may have to try nude cooking one day, perhaps with something that doesn’t require frying excessive oil, got to stay safe.

  28. Wow this was awesome!! I mean who can even remotely say cooking nude is unsanitary? people have been cooking without clothes for years and it’s never affected them then so why should it be a problem now. I think if someone were to touch their skin and use it afterwards now that’s disgusting but if you started nude and haven’t done anything like that why should it be a problem? I too, Lynda Hoggan, are confused about how cooking without socks on is considered ‘nude’. I mean its just feet and not everyone cooks with their feet lol To most nude is classified as something else where it includes breast or a penis, so feet, to me, just sounds really weird and dumb lol Great story!!! 🙂

  29. Cooking naked doesn’t sound unsanitary at all. It actually sounds like a lot of fun – something to do as foreplay with a lover or even to enjoy freely by myself! Thanks for sharing the article!

  30. I don’t think that it is unsanitary to cook in the nude, as long as you are washing your hands and cooking utensils. I am a huge fan of cooking AND being comfortable in your own skin, so to speak. I find cooking in the nude a bit liberating and extremely organic. It makes me feel as though this is the way I was ” meant” to be cooking and living. It makes me feel more like me. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you!

  31. I honestly believe if you want to cook naked then more power to ya. That’s your choice. I agree with you on “As long as you don’t scratch your ass with the spoon,” as long as your hands are clean, then the food should be fine. I would just say be careful of burns or spitting oil. Otherwise, I think it could be a fun thing to try at least once to get out of your system.

  32. I completely agree. Cooking naked is completely sanitary, since everyone showers at least once a day. Therefore our bodies should be clean. What makes it unsanitary is when you scratch your booty or any other place that should not be scratch while cooking. But thinking in a different point of view, it would not be good to cook naked while making let say foods that need frying or making caramel. You would not want a burn in any unnecessary place.

  33. I love the idea of roommates being so comfortable with their own and others’ bodies to cook together naked! Ideally I want to be naked all the time at home and cooking while wouldn’t make any difference. Let them be young, and may that part of their identity never grow old!

  34. Cooking in the nude sounds like a great idea that I have yet to try out. Instead of my clothes smelling like food, my skin would smell like it, leaving a man to feast off every inch of my body!! I don’t consider it to be an unsanitary thing, but a delectable adventure that should be tried in each household at least once! It would only be unsanitary like you said “If you’re inclined to scratch your ass with the spoon”… In that case… I WON’T BE LICKING THAT SPOON EITHER!!! AHAHA 🙂

  35. I have cooked before with a shirt off and with just boxers on, and let me tell you, it was not fun. I learned my lesson after the oil kept popping off the stove and onto my belly. However, I do not think that it would be unsanitary unless you’re grabbing your junk and stuff, which can happen as a subconscious act and then realize what you did later and clean your hands.

  36. I don’t think that cooking nude is unsanitary but it does give the least protection, For example spilling something hot while not having any apron or any type of clothing to protect oneself.

  37. In my opinion it’s okay so as long as everyone else is comfortable if you’re with other people, but if you’re by yourself, then who cares! Do what makes you happy! And of course wash your hands all the time.

  38. Very interesting read that just goes to show how sensitive how our society has become to being nude. Being naked is perfectly natural; if anything, clothing is an unnatural human invention, that we as a people have learned to adopt over time. However, the fact that some see being naked as “unsanitary” or too sexual just goes to show how our society has evolved to perceive nudity as a dirty, sexual thing. Great article!

  39. I’ve never cooked naked but don’t feel like it would be unsanitary. I mean unless you’re cutting your food where you put your butt without washing either one I don’t see the big deal. Don’t they make cooking naked seem like fun in the movies and something sexy? Most of the time they skip dinner all together and jump to dessert all together. Which I personally don’t see a problem with lol. People make a big deal out of sex and nudity and I believe it’s all natural as long as it’s done the right way.

  40. Although I never cooked being nude myself (because I still live with my parents and imagine the horror if they walk in) this article opened my eyes that cooking nude isn’t something taboo. It states it promotes body image and healthy eating. Imagine cooking fries and a cheeseburger and looking down and thinking hmmm i need to eat healthier. “Normal” people cooked fully clothed with out being aware of the fatty rolls that lie underneath the layers of clothing. Cooking nude could be a learning experience, obviously some people may find it awkward, while others may be as free as a bird. This article was both funny and informing, sitting in the library I had a couple laughs myself. Ill be sure to try this when I’m older and I live alone or maybe with my significant other.

  41. I cook naked, nothing wrong with that! It feels nice when it comes to cooking and it gets hot! I see how it may be unsanitary but there are a lot of things that could be unsanitary when coming into terms with cooking! Just stay clean and cook great food!…naked.

  42. it is really sad that people could find being nude unsanitary. you are completely right that there is this horrible stigma that sexuality or nudism is unsanitary. i think it all stems from the fact that there is a worry of stds which make people believe that sexuality is unsanitary. but not everyone is gross or disgusting.

    • And oddly enough, people are often worried about the wrong things. Like thinking that a toilet seat will give you an STD, but having unprotected sex without giving it a thought. Toilet seats are pretty harmless. But there’s a reason STD starts with an S, people! They’re not called TTDs!

  43. i agree ‘”veganism isn’t the norm, but it’s a choice. Nudism isn’t common either, but it’s a choice”. and i don”t think nudism is unsanitary like she mention its nit like hey are going to be playing with the same spoon they are cooking

  44. I’m stuck somewhere in between when it comes to if its unsanitary. but I think overall its more dangerous if youre cooking something hot for example I’m clumsy and I always drop stuff on my legs or shirt when I cook

  45. why not combined vaganism and nudism seems like to that go together like peanut butter and jelly.
    I remember our book and the efffects of animal proteins taking 7x as long to be broken down changed my view of my diet severely. now affording it is more difficult

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