Who’s Sexier, Robin Thicke or Louis CK?

Unless you gave up TV and internet last New Year’s Day, I know what you’re probably thinking:  Duh, this is a no-brainer.  But let me explain why it’s a question worth considering.

robin thicke

Robin Thicke might appear to be the obvious winner.  (Sorry, Louie, but all of us have to face the fact that there are other people who are better looking than we are.  Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce΄ are just two of the women who are more beautiful than I.  So let’s not get all butt-hurt about it, OK?)

Anyways, Robin, son of Canadian comedian/actor Alan Thicke, is a handsome white (Canadians are usually, though not always, white – though let’s not talk about the natives, which is another subject) R&B singer who, after years of producing croon-y ballads, recently made it big on his hit song “Blurred Lines.”  With a fun party groove sampled from Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up” two known black rappers who got his back-up (T.I. and Pharrell), and some provocative lyrics, the song already had a lot going for it.  Throw in a video in which the guys hit on three gorgeous, barely-dressed and flirtatious babes, not to mention an unrated version in which the babes strut their babe-like breasts, and it’s a winner.  But what for sure pushed it over the top, popularity-wise, was guess what – the backlash’n’buzz.  At first Youtube refused to air the unrated film.  And there’s plenty of grist for the angry feminist mill – from the bare boobs of the girls to the sexual bravado of the guys to the fetish sneakers to the dog (the dog???) to lyrics like “I know you want it” (thought by rapists everywhere) and “I’mma take a good girl” (drawled by drunken frat boys, well, at frats.)

I am a feminist from wayyy back, and I like the song.  I recently took a road trip with my sister during which we listened to it like 346 times, and it never failed to get us dancing even in the car.  As for the videos, I think they’re both campy, sexy and fun.  I actually prefer the unrated version since I like nudity in general, and boobs in particular.  The sex is tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended), and as far as I’m concerned, the girls give as good as they get (check out that foot-face-slap!)  And I can’t lie:  that Robin Thicke is hothothot!  A black-haired, blue-eyed soul singer with a sexy smile – say WHAT???  And by the way, his wedding ring doesn’t hurt either.  (No, guys, not because it makes him ‘unattainable,’ or a ‘challenge.’  It’s because it might mean he’s not afraid of commitment…just sayin’.)

Yet in spite of all that, here’s the reason why Louis CK might be sexier…

louis ck

Louie is a stocky, red-haired Mexican-American (yes, a Mexican REDHEAD, who’da thought?) comedy writer who has written for the likes of David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock; had a sitcom “Louie;” and wrote and directed a cult classic film “Pootie Tang” (love that title!)  But lately he’s become a more public figure thanks to his stand-up comedy routines.  The one through which I learned about him was a Facebook share of his bit on the courage it takes to date.  Sure, he says, a guy has to work up the guts to ask, and we all know that can be tough; but the real courage is on the part of the woman who might say yes:

“If she says yes, that’s HER courage.  And the courage it takes for a woman to say yes is beyond anything I can imagine.  A woman saying yes to a date with a man is literally insane, and ill-advised.  And the whole species’ existence counts on them doing it! … How do women still go out with guys?  When you consider the fact that there’s no greater threat to women than men! …  Globally and historically, we’re the #1 cause of injury and mayhem to women.  We’re the worst thing that ever happens to them…  But women still (say), ‘Yeah I’ll go out with you – alone, at night.  I’ll get in your car with you, with my little shoulders high, where are we going?’  To your death, statistically! … If you’re a guy, try to imagine if you could only date a half bear/half lion:  ‘Oh, I hope this one’s nice.  I hope he doesn’t do what he’s GOING to do.’”  (And yes, we all know what the bear/lion would be thinking.)

So there’s Louie acknowledging that men can be a threat to women and that women should be wary of them.  As a divorced man, he’s doing so at the risk of chasing his own future dates away.  And when he does this, it’s just Louie on the stage:  There are no bare breasts, pouty lips, posse or double entendres.  As a feminist, and a woman, I find it very sexy to have the reality of my existence understood and illuminated by a man.  Remember how black people fought for civil rights, but it took young white kids laying their lives on the line to show the white majority the wrongness of racism?  Women have been fighting sexual violence, overtly since the 1970’s, covertly since forever, but it will take men standing up with us to really make other men aware of how large the problem looms in women’s lives.

I gotta say both men are sexy, in their own ways and for their own reasons.  But this begs a bigger question.  Robin wants us to give in to our “animal” nature and go home with him, and oh, do we want to!  Yet Louie says we just might be risking our lives if we do.  Whom should we listen to?  And how do we know?  How can a woman resolve this confounding dilemma?

bear lion zombie 5 

I’ll answer these questions in Part 2 of this blog, and in my book in progress about food, sex and relationship, Licking the Spoon.





56 thoughts on “Who’s Sexier, Robin Thicke or Louis CK?

  1. I loved this article. I’m excited to read part two. I’m the worst though… A sucker for a hot guy. Ted Bundy would have totally killed me. I like Louie but he’d definitely always stay in the friend zone. Sorry:/
    Thank so much for sharing. I too just wanna get naked and bounce around to Robin asking me if I wanna get nasty.

  2. Yep, you convinced me. Louis is sexier, which I’m actually happy to say since although I LOVE Robin’s song, it’s also offensive. It’s a love-hate relationship I guess you’d say. But for the record, my man isn’t half lion, half bear, he’s 100% crocodile.

  3. Personally, I feel Louis CK would be more attractive because I simply dislike Robin Thicke’s way of luring girls in. I have heard plenty of stories about girls regretting decisions the next morning because of drugs or intoxication.

    • That’s a very good point. I’ve never understood why a guy would get pleasure from “luring” a girl with drugs or alcohol. Wouldn’t it feel much better if he knew for sure that she WANTED to be there? 🙂

  4. I love Louis C.K., but I would have never thought anyone would see him as attractive. Usually in his skits, he makes it a point to share with everyone how graphically disgusting he is!

  5. This is a pretty interesting standpoint you have here but its obvious which choice you chose here and it is that of an intellectual. Most women would undoubtedly choose Robin Thicke as their choice purely based off looks. Not to say that Robin Thicke isn’t intellectual, but on a different level.

  6. I don’t think either are attractive people: Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is a rape anthem and Louis “I would never call a gay guy a faggot, unless he was bein’ a faggot, but not because he’s gay, y’ understand?” CK is a total ass.

  7. I like the article, but I don’t know these two gentlemen Robin Thicke and Louis CK. I need to read more information about them, now that we have computers and go online and find out who these guys are.

  8. In my personal opinion I feel that the younger one would be a better fit for you Lynda. On the contrary Louis C.K. Strikes me as someone that’s not a child person he always makes dirogitory jokes against children like they are pets or something, I don’t know it’s just different.

    • I don’t really know CK’s humor except for that one clip about women not being safe going out with men. I’m sure both men have their strengths and weaknesses. Comedians often sound derogatory, anger is what their humor comes from.

  9. I love love love love love love and love Louie!!!! He is so funny and brings such realism to his comedy!! Although he may not be as cute as Robin… I am team Louie!!

  10. Okay, as my teacher, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I would definitly liked to be plowed by Louis CK. I think for me it’s just that he’s a very funny comedian, and that’s what attracts me to men. I mean, you can sing sweet Spanish nothings in my ears for hours, but unless I laugh, ain’t no man gettin’ in my pants.

  11. i find neither that attractive nor there methods to lure a girl in but I can see how one may be more attracted to Louis C.K.

  12. I personally am already in love with Robin Thicke but i think both are a tough choice if you put it in that way. Love both perspectives wish it could be in one man.

  13. Men are indeed the biggest threat to women because the moment we say Yes to anything, we are giving them trust. And, it tremendously hurts us if trust is broken. On the other hand, both of them are sexy on different levels.

  14. Personally I’m sexier than both so I don’t care lol jk but I just wanted to say this is another well written article and you put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows. keep up the good work Lynda.

  15. It’s an interesting perspective Louis has. and your idea of the one group has to look themselves in the mirror to acknowledge change. We could all learn from this and apply it to our daily lives.

  16. If only I was Dr. Frankenstein and create the perfect man with Louie C.K.’s sense of humor, Robin Thicke’s voice in Zac Efron’s body.

  17. Being a big fan of Louis for many years (watching all his skits, his tv shows, and listening to him on the radio on different programs), I must say that he is a more intellectually sexy and Robin wins the physical aspect by far. No disrespect to Louis it’s just that I’ve seen and heard him talk about his body in most unsexy manner.

  18. To be honest I would totally go with Robin based off of looks but based off of heart and understanding a woman’s side I would choose Louie. As I’ve grown up looks are not as important as they were when I was a freshman in high school. It probably is just a song to Robin but to many feminists it is very offensive that they’re just used for sex. It would be nice for women and men to stand up and make a change.

  19. Louis CK of course! I admire him personally because the truth just rushes out of his mouth like verbal diarrhea (if I may borrow a phrase from George Carlin). It’s just wonderful to hear someone speak the plain uncomfortable truths in life without merely tip-toeing and flirting with the truth. I saw one of his stand-up routines about how different races would use a time machine. He talked about how Whites can literally go back to any point in time, and have a table and servants prepared for them. What he doesn’t want to do is to travel to the future and see the retribution that they may face. He also mentioned how Blacks would probably not want to travel to any time period before the 1980s. Louis possesses a courage of his own to tackle the things that we normally don’t want to. And that’s why Louis is the more admirable (and in turn, sexier) man.

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