Who’s Sexier, Robin Thicke or Louis CK? Part 2

Damn Miley.  Her twerking at the VMA show has totally hijacked where I was going with this blog post.  But now I have to address it.

I first found out about Miley Cyrus’s performance when a former student posted on Facebook (while the show was in progress), “What drug is this?”  After I checked it out, I had to reply “Celebrity.”  She certainly seemed hell-bent on grabbing for attention, among other things.  Afterward, I saw her act referred to as “desperate,” “disgusting,” “pornographic,” “embarrassing,” and much, much more.

I’m a little embarrassed myself to admit that I re-posted on Facebook the picture comparing her twerking ass to that of a raw chicken.  But come on, the likeness was amazing!  (Miley, you’re young, your estrogen levels are high; you probably have a cute ass.  But those shorts did not do it justice, girlfriend.)

It’s amazing the number of people who have weighed in.  So if attention was her goal, it certainly succeeded.

Many articles and blogs criticized her performance.  But some stood up for her right to do with her body what she wants.  At least one called her out on the “racist” nature of the way she grab-assed her dancers.  And at least one commented on the inappropriateness in light of Robin’s being married.  Miley’s dad said, she’s still my little girl.  Robin said, she’s the bomb.  (Of course, what else could he say?  “No, don’t help me sell any more records.”)  Robin’s wife didn’t seem worried; I guess she figured there’s no competition there.

Miley herself said, you’re overthinking it, I didn’t think.  Like that was just a spontaneous show?  Boy, that Robin must be even more irresistible than I imagined.

She also claims that she and Robin told each other before the show, we’re gonna make history here.  Puh-leeze.  I hope she said that; I don’t want to think that Robin has such a narrow view of history.

So there we have it.  But back to that attention for a minute, have you noticed that it’s not even in the news anymore?  Much less that it’ll ever appear in a history book?  Oh, fickle fame…

Meanwhile, what I had wanted to write about, following up on what I posted in Part 1, was the temptation for a woman to go home with a sexy guy like Robin who, as in his music hit of the summer “Blurred Lines,” is entreating her to give in to her animal nature.  As compared to comedian Louis CK who warns that we may be putting ourselves in mortal danger if we do.

What a conundrum!  Should I address it from the standpoint that a woman has every right to claim and enjoy her own sexuality?  (She does.)  Or espouse the opinion that women might be tired of having to be the gatekeepers of sex, and then be called prudes and cockteasers for it?  (We are.)  Or go the other way and remind everyone that women risk more in having sex than men do, such as pregnancy and a greater susceptibility to some sexually transmitted diseases?  (We do.)

The tack that I feel I have to take agrees with Louie.  Maybe I watch too many serial killer shows (a hobby I will discuss at a later date), but he is absolutely right when he says that the greatest (human) danger to a woman is a man.  (I add human because automobiles actually wreak the most havoc on both sexes.)  Sure, there are plenty of men who adore us, revere us, long for us, would do all in their power to help and protect us.  But there are also plenty who resent us, feel entitled to us, want to hurt us, or just don’t give a damn about us.  And we can’t tell which is which just by looking at them, talking to them, or letting ourselves be charmed by them.  The only way to tell is by getting to know them, and that takes time.

So the hard truth is that if an attractive guy wants us to go home with him, wants to take us home, wants us to get in his car, or asks to come in to use our bathroom – ANYTHING – it may feel rude, but saying no (nicely) can be a life-saving measure.  If he’s really interested, he’ll understand our dilemma, respect it and wait, too.  And if he doesn’t, if he gets angry or moves on to his next mark – then there’s our clue about what kind of a partner he’d likely be.  Selfish.  Shallow.  Half bear/half lion.  The closest thing to a zombie we’ll probably ever meet, and hopefully escape.

zombie man alone

By the way, I’m interested in words.  I looked up the origin of “twerk” and read ‘probably a combination of twist and jerk.’  I think it sounds more like twat and work, but either way, I don’t like the sound of that word.

 On the other hand, I love the word “assitude” (which I think I hear in “Blurred Lines,” although when I looked up the lyrics, they differed, and none showed it – suggesting to me that the public isn’t even sure what the song is saying!)

Well, if it doesn’t say it, it should.  Assitude is a very clever portmanteau.  And it’s definitely a word I can get behind.  (Ouch.)

Bonobo admiration

 Female Bonobo apes know how to use their assitude!  Learn more about its role in mating in Licking the Spoon, my book in progress about food, sex and relationship.



65 thoughts on “Who’s Sexier, Robin Thicke or Louis CK? Part 2

  1. So, I’m still unclear. Where do you stand on the “Miley twerking” episode? Within her rights as a woman? Or a desperate attempt at attention that is symptomatic of something larger??

  2. I think both! She can perform as she chooses, and in this case, the ones whose opinions really matter are: a. Robin (who can choose whether to perform with her again or not); b. the viewing public (who can choose whether to continue being fans of hers or not); and c. the networks and sponsors (who can choose whether to have her represent them or not). At the same time, it did seem like a desperate plea for attention. How much that has to do with Miley personally (whom I don’t know) versus the push for ever more sensationalism that our culture seems to be engaging in (that might be the something larger than Miley), I can’t say. I can say, though, that I found it very unattractive!

  3. I honestly thought Miley Cyrus was on drugs when she was performing on stage, but I stood corrected when she did the music video of Wrecking Ball. I think she’s trying to stand out as a woman and a role model. Unfortunately, I highly doubt her actions will make her stand out in a positive view for most of society.

    • I agree with you, Devin. I think she’s trying to let go of her little girl image, but unfortunately, she’s ending up looking to many like a little girl rather desperately trying to be seen as a sexy woman.

  4. Haha, when I first saw Miley Cyrus perform I was shocked. I get the fact that she’s growing up but it wasn’t a way of showing it like to the public. She could of done a better job but that’s how things are.

  5. I personally think Miley did it for the attention! none the less she succeeded every one was talking about her and she even posted a tweet on twitter in a cocky matter that she made history by getting the most tweets even more then during the super bowl! So if it was for negative attention or not she mainly just wanted the attention in which I say good for her and a smart business move. A lot of people wanted to criticize her let alone they probably are out on the weekends doing the same exact dance moves or perhaps even their children are the ones partaking in this twerking! I thought it was especially funny because a few months back when she came out with her towering in a onezie? on youtube every body loved it! fast forward a few months and her doing it at the vma’s everybody blew up perhaps because the setting was different.

    • I’m sure you’re right about her getting attention, Raven! I must say I wasn’t watching the awards, I first found out about it when someone asked on facebook if she was on drugs and then I took a look. I wouldn’t want attention coming my way for being on drugs – but hey, that’s me! 🙂

  6. When I first saw miley cyrus twerking I didn’t even know what to think, I grew up watching Hannah Montana and I never thought she would turn out to be a attention seeker. I think that Miley shouldn’t have done what she did, because there are so many girls out there that look up to here and by doing that she set a bad example. When it comes to who is sexier, Robin Thicke all the way!

    • I know, I hadn’t even ever seen Hannah Montana, but when I tuned in I was also pretty shocked. I don’t mind things being sexy when they’re tasteful or artistic in some way, but to me it just seemed gross. Yeah, that Robin (sigh…)

  7. “I looked up the origin of “twerk” and read ‘probably a combination of twist and jerk.’ I think it sounds more like twat and work, but either way, I don’t like the sound of that word.”

    That was the funniest thing I have read in a while, Ms. Hoggan. I was pleasantly surprised by the congeniality of your writing; it definitely makes for a fun read.

    • It’s interesting that you say that, Mike, because until the blog I’d been more of a ‘serious’ writer. I didn’t know I had an amusing streak until I started blogging. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

    • I have to admit I don’t. And it’s not just because of her being openly sexual. It’s that she’s being openly sexual but not particularly with any class. Plus she uses bad grammar. Of course, one might say that she’s a good role model because she’s young and obviously successful. But having a successful father sure did help with that. I wonder what, if anything, she would have been able to do on her own.

  8. You think the rubber chicken meme’s were bad? you should see all the horse faces that look like miley cyrus’s tongue-out poses. How does someone go from being a positive role model for young girls to the complete opposite? It’s mind boggling.

  9. Did you know that Robin Thicke and his wife are now divorced? Pretty sad, she wont admit that apart of it is because of the whole Miley twerking thing, but I believe it is because she seemed a bit irritated and on the defense when asked about it. Do you think his performance with Miley may have contributed to their divorce?

    • I knew they were having problems, though I suspect that started before the twerking incident. I thought (hoped) his wife was confident enough to understand that’s show business. On the other hand, he got a lot of fame all of a sudden (with Blurred Lines, even before that show). When that happens, women throw themselves at a man, and some can’t resist the temptations. Not saying he cheated or even that’s the cause, but it’s hard on a partner.

  10. The article was okay, I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus’s at all, but I think, if I’m not wrong, one of my niece’s had liked her, but when Miley started to change, my niece didn’t like her. I personally I did see her as Hannah Montana and I had liked her and she’s a pretty girl, but I stopped seeing her on the show because she started to changed in a different way and don’t get me wrong about her, it’s just that she had beauty before and now I don’t know what had happened to her lately. I don’t why she would change, maybe for a lot of reasons in her life. Now I know who is Robin, I think, is that Miley’s dad?

    • No, Billy Ray Cyrus is her dad. Robin is the singer of the hit song Blurred Lines, and she was all over him at a televised awards ceremony. The changes in her are ones that some approve and some don’t.

  11. The article was good, but in all honestly, I think Miley Cyrus is an idiot. I understand that she’s 21 years old and she wants to break out of that “Hannah Montana” shell she’s been confined in for the last 5 years, but I think she’s just being plain stupid, and her actions are going to get worse if she doesn’t try and contain herself. Self control, Miley, get some!

  12. Very interesting. I wouldn’t say that Miley’s performance was all that bad. She reached her goal according to her, since after three months of the performance it was still being talked about. She also gave an explanation about her performance in a special interview shown on MTV. She talked about the way everyone was overthinking everything unlike her that she just wanted to have fun on stage. She also mentioned that her performance was planned to be funny, which is why she dressed as a teddy bear at first and then as a baby aka her pig tails and the nude color outfit. There’s more to the story than what the media shows.

  13. I think many people were so used to seeing her as a good role model on disney channel that many can not accept the change she is making right now. Do you think she really found herself? or is she just doing things to get attention?

  14. Robin thicke is more sexy compared to Louis CK. I may have to drop the class if you disagree lol

    • It’s too late to drop, Juliana! Haha! No, I don’t disagree. I find Robin attractive, but I also find it attractive when a man can relate to the reality of women’s lives, which includes danger from men.

  15. ohhh Miley Cyrus I remember when she was the talk of the day, glad she didn’t show up in my history book. I’m just still wondering why she let go such a hot guy like Liam Hemsworth (her ex fiancé) for tweaking haha great article though ! 🙂

  16. Certainly Miley Cyrus did that to get attention, and although there might have been better ways to do that, she still succeeded.

  17. Miley did it for the attention! But then again, It’s her life, she can choose to do what she wants. Not the way to do it though.

  18. I know this article shouldn’t be about the Miley incident, but it seems like it has been highjacked! I agree with you on this one. Anyone paying attention could see this was clearly an attention grab for her new “image” she’s been trying to push on the public.

  19. As it was, Miley came up the winner from all of this. That brief moment of “media embarrassment” served her well in promoting new single at the time. I just wonder if she knew how bad her ass looked at the time.

  20. Miley Cryus’ performance was really tacky and it made me dislike her, (not that I liked her very much beforehand). Either way Robin Thicke is definitely hotter, and Miley was lucky enough to perform with him even though he would of done fine by himself.

  21. I think I may be the only person who likes Miley Cyrus here lol…
    I absolutely adore her, and I have followed her since her Hannah Montana days. It may sound weird, but I feel like I (and other “Smilers”) can say they have grown up with her. Her performance was of course not the classiest, but I enjoyed it! She’s young and having fun, and I feel that people should stop seeing her as Hannah Montana the disney star. When it comes to Nick Jonas grabbing his crotch in a photoshoot, he’s admired, but when Miley performs in a revealing outfit, she’s suddenly an “attention whore.” Do I think she’s a good role-model? Not neccesarily, but she definitely shows us to not be afraid to be free.

    • You make some very good points about Miley. And I do think women are treated differently for the same behavior. These stars aren’t really doing anything ‘new.’ Madonna was scandalous in her day, and let’s not forget who was the first to grab his crotch!

  22. I think Miley Cyrus is just like everyone else and is just trying to find herself, but since she was on disney channel she’s getting more slack than anyone else. I have to agree with you too twerking is a horrible word lol

  23. Miley certainly did not make history, it’s very irrelevant today. As for woman and the question of whether they should unleash their inner animal and go have sex whenever they want, there is a danger. As we all know it is a man’s world, we don’t quite know some of the intentions of a man. There are some out there to help us or to take advantage of the women. It’s saddening that women actually make less than a man. In all, women should be allowed to do what they want but know the consequences of some of the actions she may take. P.s. It should really be a woman’s world since we do EVERYTHING! 😉

    • When someone harms us, it’s their fault, not ours. But we could take a little better care of ourselves and not give someone the benefit of the doubt just because they seem smiling and friendly.

      PS. So true about Miley!

  24. When I was younger I used to like watching Hanna Montana with my younger siblings. I used to think she was funny even annoying at times but for the most part she was an alright singer. After her breakup with her ex Liam I feel like that’s when she started her road to disaster. She started dressing slutty and doing things for attention something that she didn’t have to do before because like you mentioned before she was already known because of her father being famous. I think she’s a poor excuse of a role model for younger girls. I know I wouldn’t want my daughter (If I had one) to be looking up to her and thinking “When I grow up I want to be just like her” I would be disappointed. But as it is with most child actors they tend to go downhill after they grow up. The Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan, the kid from the Home Alone movies, they’ve all had problems with drugs when they got older. I think it’s sad what fame does to people. Is the money even worth it in the end when you end up 6 feet under?

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