One of my posts is in the LA Times!

The blog post I wrote, “Oh Dude!” has been published in the LA Times today in a column called “LA Affairs” and under the title “A dreamy dude on a dude ranch.”

Personally, I liked my title better.  They also made a few changes to which I prefer the original.  The art work doesn’t look like me at all.

And one reader is making comments at the end of the online version that are … well … interesting.  When people who follow my blog comment on it, it’s usually friendly, and it feels intimate.  When a total stranger is critical in a huge public forum, well, let’s just say I hadn’t anticipated it!  Oh, the vicissitudes of fame!

But all that said, I’m still thrilled!

Most writers questions whether their work is any good.  If they’re not questioning, it’s probably not very good.

Having blog followers and facebook Likes is one way to feel good.  Getting published is another.  Getting paid is still another.  Today I have all three!

I send my genuine thanks to anyone who has supported my return to writing after many years.

LA Times cowgirl

123 thoughts on “One of my posts is in the LA Times!

  1. “Oh, To Rope A Cowboy” caught my eye this morning as I was scanning the LA Times and sipping my latte. The illustration used with article is sassy and reminiscent of a Xmas ornament I found and added to our tree a few years ago. My husband was not raised on a ranch but his soul is pure cowboy. Living in Casper he headed east to school (Chicago) and traveled the world via the Peace Corp and the Army before returning to the states to attend law school while simultaneously completing a masters degree in public policy at UC Berkeley. He didn’t sport a pair of chaps or complete his first round up until he was practicing law in LA and a peace corp buddy talked him into investing in a herd of cows. Wyoming was calling him home. A couple of years after we started dating, I walked down the aisle to the Dixie Chicks hit song, “Cowboy Take Me Away”. Thanks for reminding me how dreamy cowboys can be!

  2. Well, I popped over here because I liked your piece in the LA Times (a lot). I hadn’t considered I could leave a message on the LA Times site (I’m old-school and read it on paper). But be assured I would have said I liked the piece there too. GREG

  3. The article brought me here and now you’re in my feed reader. Yay! Glad to “meet” you.

    As for comments people make on the sites of large news outlets? Never read them. Never. Unless you enjoy weeping for humanity.

    • Thank you, Kathy! I wish I knew what a feed reader is (to me it sounds like someone who judges the quality of horse hay or something), but I’m glad to “meet” you, too! And I will certainly take your suggestion about reading comments under advisement.

  4. So proud of you and what a great read!!! Don’t pay attention to negative comments and what is a medieval pundit anyway:-)!

    • I know, huh! (For anyone just reading the piece here, medievalpundit is a person who made some rather … ah … interesting comments on the LA Times online version.) Thanks for reading, and now our weekend is forever immortalized! 🙂

  5. Just read your article and loved it! And I love dude ranches. Didn’t know there was one right off the 5. Can you please tell me the name of it?

    • Thank you! It’s a little further than I make it sound, east on 99 above the Grapevine and then off on a country road that winds into the hills. It’s called Rankin Ranch and it’s a beautiful place!

  6. I have been there but it was years ago. Near Tehachapi – right? I love dude ranches, but they were a little formal for me. There is another near Santa Barbara that I like as well. One of the riding trails goes right by the former Reagan ranch.

  7. Congrats and we’re so excited for you! The article read as a page turner, keeping my interest in tact with the humor and anticipation of what happens next. Very descriptive and entertaining for sure. I wanted more…..Can’t wait to read your next adventure.

  8. My friend… Congratulations… it sounds so funny… I love it!!! as I always love everything you write!!! Please, keep entertaining us with your thoughtful taste!!! Blessings to you!!! Naluce

    • Thank you! I learned of the Saturday column “LA Affairs” through a writers group I was attending. I thought about blogs I’d written about relationships and decided that was a good option.

  9. Congratulations. I, too, published an LA Affairs about falling in love across the LA culinary scene … and saw your piece and loved it. If it’s any consolation, my picture looked absolutely nothing like me either, but the FORMER girlfriend of the man who my piece was about. HA! In any case, it’s great finding your blog and I hope you will enjoy mine from time to time. Cheers from Unorthodox Foodie! ( I love your sexy humor and gusto for life. We share a love of licking the spoon!

    • Hi! How nice to ‘meet’ you! I will definitely look for your LA Affairs piece and check out your blog. That’s funny about your pic looking like your man’s ex! Aaiieee! 🙂 One nice thing that happened after I posted about the publication here is that the editor checked out my blog and called me to explain a few things and make sure that overall it was a pleasant experience for me; I know she didn’t have to do that. Anyway, thanks for reading, and it’s always nice to know that there are other women who like to lick the spoon!

  10. Congratulations Professor Hoggan! I have read this article few days ago, then i noticed this article’s author sounds really familiar. Then I noticed that this article was published by my favor Professor. I felt proud of myself, because I can tell my friends I know someone who is my Professor posted an article on LA Time. Overall, Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  11. congrats! I don’t think I would ever be able to publish something worthy of a newspaper feature. Especially the LA times.

    • Thank you! I do owe a debt to a writers’ group I was attending, as they told me about the column. I wasn’t sure the Times would accept that story since it wasn’t about a ‘real’ relationship. But they did!

  12. Good article, but I tried to understand it, but I’ll get my way of reading it again. Keep up the Great work that you have been doing. Don’t let anybody put you down or with negatives, their just a bunch of haters. You seem that you won’t let anybody put you down, but as long as you put in words as professionally way as you are now. Again, keep up the Great work. Thank you for all of your articles and they were interesting.

  13. I just think its awesome how you made such an accomplishment like this to get your blog published in the LA Times. You’re truly an inspiration.

  14. Congrats on your article making it into the LA Times it is a great achievement you should be proud of yourself and your work:).

  15. Congratulations on being published in the LA Times that is so exciting! I really enjoyed reading your blog and got quite a laugh from the ending. It is so funny where the mind can wonder especially when talking to a cute ranch hand 😉

  16. Congrats on getting your article published! This is an amazing accomplishment that you should be very proud of!

  17. Congrats!!! I read this article of yours already in class when you passed us around the newspaper. It is such a good read, really enjoined it 🙂

  18. Congratulations on getting your post published by the LA Times, that in itself is a tremendous achievement. The article was whitty, interesting, and overall delightful. My favorite part which I can really relate to was when you said, “But fantasy is marvelous. And it’s intriguing — embarrassing, but also brain-teasing — how we can imagine that we’re so on the same page with somebody else only to find out we’re not even in the same book.” Keep up the good work!

  19. Congrats on getting the article published! This article is very interesting and I found it funny as well.

  20. oh I remember reading this, it was great. So relate-able i tend to over exaggerate my thoughts/fantasies a bit too.

  21. What is the website that means it is easy to understand podcasts and blog sites? I don’t get an iPod, does that make any difference? . bfddddcdcgge

  22. Congratulations! It must be such an honor getting published. I enjoy all sorts of writings, so I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy your article. Congrats, again!

  23. Congrates professor! 🙂 I’m proud to have you as a teacher and to learn about your personal life through this blog. It really is not everyday where I get to say “Hey, you can find my teacher in the LA times”.

  24. Congratulations on having your blog in the LA times! I wish I would have had the chance to be reading that issue of the newspaper at the time! I’m definitely going to research online to read it! I have also read your “Oh Dude!” blog and it will be interesting to compare how the newspaper changes the original.

    It’s very true that fame brings people who are rather critical but it may also be true that they might just be jealous! Maybe that reader is a writer themselves who hasn’t had the fortune of having their writings posted in a newspaper 🙂

    So proud of you! You definitely deserved it 😊

  25. You have studied your subjects with such passion and were even able to share it with students in an enjoyable way. So honestly I am not surprised but even so, it is such a pleasure to know you were published! You deserved it!

  26. How amazing! I like your title better too! Much simpler. As for the comments from strangers, some people have too much time on their hands so they criticize others instead of themselves! Congrats and can’t wait for the book!

  27. You’re a great writer and it inspires me how you just kept pursuing it and now have people who read your works. Truly inspiring, professor 🙂

  28. Congratulations! I stumbled on here and now I can’t stop reading. Your writing really immerses the reader. Also, I’m in love with your use of adjectives. If only I could write like you!

  29. I feel that this is the appropriate place to complement your writing prowess. It really is incredible how your thoughts flow flawlessly through the arrangement of your words. There is no indication that the words are impeding your true thoughts. There is no indication that what you have written on paper is slightly altered by what was going on in your mind. Basically, I’m saying that the genuine and honest quality of your writing is a much appreciated trait. As a student, you have to read so many things in textbooks that seem like they are winding around the meaning without really nailing the meaning. Your writing always nails exactly what you mean. Thanks for your clarity!

  30. Congrats on getting published!! I just read it and thought it was hilarious! I love your writing style. It’s to the point but packed with a lot of punch!

  31. That’s super cool that your article got published, it is kind of lame that they changed some things but still pretty exciting its nice when hard work gets noticed.

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