About Lynda

Lynda Smith Hoggan has been a professional gift shop duster, bra strap counter, playground instructor, army base secretary, garment district house model, east coast ghet-toe English teacher, barmaid, go-go dancer, technical writer, sex educator, west coast barrio health teacher, college professor, as well as an amateur martini taster. 

At age six she debuted her first poem, titled, “Her face was the color of peaches and cream, with strawberry juice in between.”  Fortunately, she improved enough to win her high school’s poetry award and since then has published an array that includes poems and newspaper articles, sexuality columns and newsletters, and academic journal articles.  Currently she is working on Licking the Spoon, a book that explores the mysteries of our human appetites for food, sex and love. 

Lynda’s formal education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UCLA.   Currently she teaches Health and Human Sexuality at the college level. 

Lynda enjoys reading literary fiction by the fire, dancing to old-school R&B in a funky club, watching film noir with some popcorn and the doors locked, hanging out in the kitchen making chili while sharing a glass of wine with some friends and family, taking long bubble baths, laughing with her girlfriends around a campfire, sleeping in a tent with her lover’s arm around her amid the sweet sounds of owls and coyotes, drinking cafe au lait in the morning, feeling the sun on her skin, and remembering to appreciate nature’s bounty.  Among other things.

20 thoughts on “About Lynda

  1. I love the title of your book. How clever of you to find and use an eclectic title. It makes you want to go inside and see what it says. FYI. There is a massage spa in Glendora called Peaches and Cream. My taste in reading and music parallel’s yours. I think your book is going to be wonderful. Gail

  2. Wow, Lynda, and I thought you were the girl next door! What a wonderful endeavor and journey, good luck from down under!.

    • Hey, Beth, guess what: I am the girl next door, and sometimes the girl next door has a lot more going on than meets the eye! Thanks for your comment, and I hope you keep reading and enjoying.

  3. Wow, no words could describe how much i really enjoyed your book. I found it really interesting, and made me just want to read more and more!

  4. How fun, it’s great to find musings about about sex, life and love written for women of a certain age. I don’t think there’s much our there. Keep up the good work.

  5. I love your story Lynda, your an Inspiration to me, I have always been a sucker for fine literature!!

  6. I love that you have lived such a colorful life! I think your honestly is inspiring and you have encouraged me to try new things in my life!

  7. I think it’s really cool and interesting that you had your poem debuted at just six years old! very intriguing! You are a very talented person. You’re a Human Sexuality teacher, poet, and all other types of interesting, fun things. I can say, you really do live your life to the fullest (:

  8. I find it interesting how a professor like you does not mind sharing all these cool fun things about what they have done in the past. A amateur martini taster! Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to hear more about you in your book!

  9. Hello Professor! I came to check up on you and your book. As well as for a favor on my letter of recommendation due to the fact i will be applying as a psychology/philosophy major and wish to have the best chances to getting in to the right university. I appreciate the help, life advice(which im slowly taking advantage of) and the information gained in your class. I hope to hear from you. I didn’t seem to seem any new post by the way but i just did a quick look. are you still blogging as frequently?
    Sincerely, Michael Greenwood.

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